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Woodworm Control

Have you noticed small holes, tunnels, crumbling wooden beams or dead beetles? Chances are, you have a woodworm infestation.

Woodworm can strike when you least expect it. Although they’re harmless when they’re outside, they present a huge problem if they get into your house. They will bore through any wood they can find, from furniture legs to structural support beams, and any infestation should therefore be dealt with as soon as possible.

Although certain wood-boring insects, such as the longhorn beetle, are more prevalent in some areas of the Ireland than others, this is a problem that households across the country have to be on the lookout for. Magee Pest Control is dedicated to helping properties in Ireland eradicate their woodworm infestations via heat, chemical or freezing treatments depending on specific circumstances.


What Is Woodworm?


Woodworm isn’t actually a worm at all! The term woodworm is used to classify the larvae of several species of wood-boring beetle.

In the spring and summer months, beetles from the family of metallic flat-headed borers, longhorn beetles, bark beetles and weevils lay their eggs in wood. When these eggs hatch, completely unseen inside the wood, the resulting larvae then spend their time eating through the timber until they mature into a beetle and emerge from the wood in search of a mate.

It is these burrowing larvae that cause untold damage as they eat their way through and basically survive on wood diet!


How Do You Get Woodworm?

Anything made (at least in part) of wood is vulnerable. Woods at risk include not only home timber and building structures, but furniture, decking, and more. Untreated, unsealed, unstained and old, weak or rotting wood is especially susceptible to a woodworm infestation.

Woodworms are usually a result of soft untreated exposed wood. Most species of wood-boring beetles prefer pine, spruce, and cedar because they are softwoods and some beetles like the hardwoods like oak, ash, and mahogany.

You will find the common furniture beetles in both soft and hardwood. Your odds of dealing with this pest go up when the wood is damp. Wood-boring beetles like moist wood because it is easier to chew.



Why You Should Hire us for Your Woodworm Control in Ireland

Woodworm is usually found inside of the furniture in your house and often it is hard to notice their presence, in no time at all they can cause you many problems by destroying your furniture without you noticing it. Protect your home from these unwanted guests by using Magee Pest Control, and take advantage of the many benefits we offer.

  • We are flexible and can arrange an appointment at your convenience, no matter if you prefer weekdays or weekends.
  • Our woodworm treatments are safe for your family and pets.
  • Expert prevention advice.
  • We will investigate the areas that could be affected by woodworm. In addition, we will ensure that every crack and breeding ground is treated to help prevent future woodworm infestations.


Using top of the range solutions which are designed for long term elimination, our woodworm exterminators will check all the possible affected areas.


If you think you might need professional woodworm control, Call Magee Pest Control now to arrange an appointment.

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Woodworm Control

Woodworm Control

Woodworm Control

Woodworm Control
Woodworm Control