Did you know that for each cockroach you notice in your house, there may be tens of thousands more hidden in your walls, pipes, furniture, cabinets, and other areas? And if you’re looking for a trained company to handle your cockroaches removal Dublin, Magee Pest Control will undoubtedly be the best option for your home and commercial space.

We understand how uneasy you feel about the possibility of an infestation, which is why Magee Pest Control is here to help. Cockroaches are one of the many pests for which we are experts. Our highly trained professionals are ready to eradicate your roach issue and restore your sense of security in your home.

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Signs of a cockroach invasion

At Magee Pest Control, we provide cockroach control for all types of cockroaches, including German cockroaches. Cockroaches of the German genus are the most widespread in the world. These light-brown oval-shaped roaches have six legs and two antennae. If you discover them in your house, you most likely have an infestation that requires immediate attention.

Some of the most apparent signs of a German cockroach infestation are discussed below:

  • In the corners of houses, there are dark droppings that look like coffee grounds.
  • Your home has an oily, musty taste.
  • Cockroach skins should be discarded.
  • a cockroach that has died
  • During the day, cockroaches are around.

Contact our experts right away if your home is infested with German cockroaches. We have the high-quality materials, cutting-edge techniques, and experience to get rid of the infestation and avoid the pests from coming back.


How do we deal with cockroaches?

Since cockroaches multiply rapidly, we use a two-visit treatment plan to efficiently target and remove current roaches in your home while also discouraging any new ones from entering. Oriental, German, American, Brown-banded, and Wood Cockroaches are all covered by this operation.


The first treatment is to target adults and prevent roaches from reproducing.

The first phase of the service is a comprehensive review of all areas of your home where roach activity is present or suspected. Your specialist will run a thorough inspection of your house, paying particular attention to places where roaches are known to congregate, such as the kitchen and bathrooms.

Following the inspection, your technician will apply personalized treatment to the areas of your home where roach activity is suspected or confirmed.

Your technician will use a medication that disrupts the cockroach reproductive cycle and prevents new adults’ development during this procedure.

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Use an insecticide to destroy as many active adult insects as possible.

When treatment is needed, we use baiting systems or traps to help kill active adults and find the areas where they tend to congregate. After the first injection, we go after any roaches that have matured.

Your technician will return two weeks later to check on the treatment’s progress and treat any remaining roaches. This service is critical because it allowed us to eliminate any insects that were still in the egg or nymph stage during the first round of treatment and could not be exterminated.

After the second injection, we guarantee that your home will be roach-free for 30 days from the second treatment date. If the bugs return at any point during that period, let us know, and we’ll send a technician out to inspect and treat any new roach activity at no cost to you within one business day (in most cases).

Book an appointment now to get the best service for cockroach removal Dublin.

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Cockroaches Removal Cockroaches Removal

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Cockroaches Removal

Cockroaches Removal

Cockroaches Removal

Cockroaches Removal
Cockroaches Removal