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Professional rat and mice control

When rats, mice, or other types of rodents invade your home, they can cause problems ranging from structural damage to carrying disease. Magee Pest Control’s rodent control experts offer prompt, effective treatment to rid your Dublin home of these pests.

Rodents are known for their ability to breed rapidly, which means their population can quickly get out of control. If you’ve seen even one rat or mouse in or around your home, chances are very great that there are many more you can’t see. That’s why it’s important to call for professional rodent control as soon as possible.

Magee Pest Control’s technicians are trained in the most effective rodent control methods and know how to recognize the signs of a rat or mouse infestation. Our services include baiting and trapping, and identifying the places where rodents can enter your home to help prevent further infestation.


Few Reasons Why Rodent Picks Your Home


  • Food squander. Rodents will eat pretty much anything, including dairy, meat, vegetables, natural product, grain, hide, and rubbish. They’re typically attracted by food trash close to trash jars, baseboards, and other off the beaten path places.
  • Accessible warmth: This is a particularly enormous draw throughout the fall and winter months. Most rodents are searching for a sheltered spot to settle during the chilly months. Watch out for the spots they use to get inside this winter.
  • Clutter and garbage: Rodents are bashful. They’ll invest their energy inside your home sneaking around and stowing away. A particularly jumbled or grimy house makes this simpler for them. Bugs can’t spread in the event that they aren’t given the space and security to do as such. Keep your space perfect and sorted out to remove a rodent’s opportunity to manufacture a mystery home. ​
  • Plumbing spills: We’ve just referenced that rodents are attracted by their three primary needs. Food and safe house have been secured, yet shouldn’t something be said about water? The most probable spots for rodents to get water get to are at plumbing spills. They’ll drink from spills in worn-out funnels, free joints, dribbling fixtures. They’re particularly attached to abusing the sorts of concealed holes you don’t understand you have. On the off chance that you’ve seen your water charge rising, you may have a shrouded spill. Connect with handymen to ensure your funnels aren’t drawing undesirable vermin.


Why You Should Hire Us for Rodent Control in Ireland


When performing rodent control services, we use a variety of methods. The specific rodent control methods that we use while treating your home or business will be determined by your particular rodent problem and the extent of your infestation. When you partner with us at Magee Pest Control for professional rodent control, your plan will be custom-developed for your specific situation and will include both monitoring and preventative treatments. We don’t just want to get resolve your current rodent problem, we want to make sure it doesn’t happen again!

No one wants the hassle of dealing with rodents but, if you find yourself in that situation, Magee Pest Control is the pest control company to call. With our local rodent specialist providing customized service you can trust, your property will be rodent-free in no time.


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