You might consider cockroaches, flies, spiders, or rodents when you think of pests in your home or company, but you might not think of moths. On the other hand, Moths can be harmful pests, and a moth infestation in your home can require you a lot of money in the form of ruined clothes, fabric, and furniture, among other things.

Contact Magee Pest Control right away if you need a professional moth removal service in Dublin. We have experts able to work with moths and have a way to get rid of them and ways to prevent them from recurring.

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Best Moth Removal Service in Dublin

Our Magee Pest Control goal has always been to be the best and first name in exterminator services. One of our technicians is trained and ready to assist you with all of your pest control needs, including moths, using the most up-to-date methods, equipment, and treatments. We also aim to provide an integrated pest control system that has a low environmental impact.

Symptoms of moths

Holes in fabric or clothing are likely to be one of the first symptoms of a moth infestation. This is because moths like to lay their eggs in areas where the larvae can hatch and eat clothes, upholstery, carpeting, and other fabrics. Adult moths do not consume textiles or clothing, but they do replicate and develop more larvae.

Caterpillars emerge from the eggs of moths. Caterpillars are the ones that eat the fabric the most. They will eat woven cloth, cotton, and even leather, causing significant harm. This costs money, and if you own a furniture, upholstery, or clothing company, it can cost a lot of money. Moth eggs mimic small white dots, much like BBs or plastic spheres. It’s easy to overlook them.

The moth caterpillars typically attack the clothes in the back of the closet first. Back there, the darkness and moisture levels are suitable for breeding and growing moths.

Magee Pest Control is the best moth exterminator in the region.

Magee Pest Control experts are ready to help you eliminate moths and keep them safe for good. We can find out how moths came into the property, and they’ll search for food in the dark edges of closets, attics, and walls. We’ll also set up and have a recovery plan for your home for a month. We have moth removal services that will kill moths and help prevent them from returning.

moth removal dublin


Trained moth control specialists

Magee Pest Control has built a reputation for providing industry-leading pest control facilities and pest control experts. We offer treatments that effectively kill pests, including moths, and we assist our customers in putting in place appropriate preventative measures to reduce the risk of potential infestations.

Our exterminators in your area are familiar with how rodents invade homes. We understand how buildings are built, which aids us in locating and removing infestations.

Moth Removal Dublin can reduce the number of treatments required, prevent pests from entering your home or company, and help the environment by using proactive pest control methods.

To begin the process, contact the Magee Pest Control moth exterminators, who are ready to assist you with moth removal in Dublin by offering the best service possible.

Magee Pest Control is a full service residential and commercial pest control company in Dublin, Ireland for more than a decade. We are locally-owned company that is well established in our local communities. We are dedicated to protecting your home, your office, or any property that you may own from the pests that invade into your residential living and working area.

We provide a top-notch and timely pest control exterminator service to our clients. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to your concerns, responding quickly, and offering the best advice and treatment available.  We stay on top of the latest technology and treatment methods so that we can provide you with the most effective and state-of-the-art pest removal services available.  ​

Give us a call today to ask us any questions about our pest control services, or your particular pest management needs. We will take the time to answer your questions and devise a plan to quickly and efficiently solve your pest problem.

Moth Removal Service in Dublin, Ireland

moth removal dublin

moth removal dublin

moth removal dublin
moth removal dublin