You’ve definitely been stung by a fire ant at least once in your life. A single sting is painful and leaves an itchy whelp for weeks, but if the whelp steps into a mound, things can quickly become very dangerous. The last thing you want is to be relaxing on your lovely lawn only to discover you’ve stepped in a mound, and your shoe is now stuffed with fire ants. Worse, your pet or child could be the target. This is when you can contact Magee Pest Control. Within a few days, we can eliminate fire ants effectively and permanently.

Fire Ant Pest Control

Fire Ant Pest Control By Magee

We have personal knowledge of these nasty pests’ dangers, having walked in a few mounds ourselves, having worked in the lawn care industry for so long. As a result, we’ve put in place a top-of-the-line defense against these lawn invaders. We took great care in choosing the most successful products without jeopardizing their protection.


How can I say if they’re fire ants or not? The shape of the mound and the red-orange colour of fire ants make them easily recognizable. The unpleasant sting of a fire ant bite is another vital sign, although it is not recommended as a means of identification. Fire ants can make mounds in almost any form of soil, but they prefer open sunny areas like pastures, parks, lawns, and fields. If the soil conditions are favourable, their banks can reach a height of 18 to 24 inches. Mounds are often found in decaying logs, stumps, and trees. Colonies may also form within or underneath structures. The ants are reddish-brown and measure 1/8 to 1/4 inch in length.


We negotiate with the ants, so you don’t have to.

Fire ants are difficult to monitor for several reasons, including that their colonies are often large and reach a long distance beneath the earth. If a part of the colony and a queen or two have been destroyed, territories also have several queens to retrieve. They often occur in large numbers, so if one colony has been destroyed, another will most likely move in to take its place.

Since fire ants can be dangerous to humans and pets, it’s best to seek professional advice about getting rid of them. To schedule an inspection of your house, call the Magee Pest Control office.


A pest specialist can visit your home and perform a thorough inspection both inside and out. Our Specialist can create a personalized care plan based on evidence that is tailored to your specific needs.

Fire Ant Pest Control

No Ants Allowed

Once a year, we use a granular substance to treat the entire house, including landscaped beds and other areas. Within six weeks, the initial application starts destroying any established ant colonies and offers a GUARANTEED barrier for up to 12 months. If any active colonies are detected six weeks after the initial treatment, we will return to treat with a more focused product. During the initial application, any territories are also given the more concentrated formula to ensure that the unwanted pests are effectively irradiated.

Is the product used in this service safe?

The active ingredient is used at a much lower concentration in this product than in the form added directly to a pet. Although it is not organic, it is now safe to use on pets. It just needs to be laid on the lawn once a year, rather than every few months like your pet’s skin.


It’s both safe and effective. Furthermore, after our initial installation, you would not need to contact us for over a year. So make an appointment with Magee Pest Control, the best pest specialist in the region, for fire ant pest control on your lawn right now.