Pests are the most unwelcome guests in any house. They belong in the great outdoors, whether they crawl on the ground or fly through the air. Magee Pest Control comes to your home or company to ensure the critters get out and stay out.

Throughout Ireland, we use some of the most widely used pest control methods. Our quality materials, rapid response, and precise diagnostics have combined to deliver successful treatments for all types of infestations since the beginning.

For more than a decade, Magee Pest Control has been a full-service residential and industrial pest control business in Dublin, Ireland. We are a family-owned business with a strong presence in our communities.

Complete Pest Control


Complete Pest Control Services Tailored to Your Specific Needs

Magee Pest Control provides high-quality residential pest control services. Are you fed up with your former company turning up at your house when you’re not there? Are you tired of your former company turning up at your house for a few minutes and then leaving? Magee Pest Control delivers a high-quality service that guarantees your home’s bug problems are a thing of the past.

Our technicians are thorough and concerned about your wellbeing. Your service will be scheduled at your convenience rather than ours so that you can be present during the care of your home.

We believe that this is an essential service for our customers because it allows us to answer any questions you may have while servicing your home.

Pest Management for All Sizes of Bugs

Whatever pest problem you have, you can always turn to us for solutions that will get rid of it and avoid potential problems. We’re so confident in our work that we give a money-back guarantee. Investing in specialist care protects you from bites, infections, allergic reactions, and the spread of these predators’ larvae.

We also provide quarterly and monthly pest control services for year-round protection because pests are active all year. These services discuss a wide variety of concerns and include savings and peace of mind.

We may schedule visits for these common pests regularly:

  • Extermination of Insects in General (pavement ants, centipedes, millipedes, clover mites, earwigs, silverfish, spiders)
  • Service for Bed Bugs
  • Removal of rodents
  • Extermination of Wasps
  • Termite Treatment Roach Extermination
  • Controlling Fleas
  • Worms in the wood

Complete Pest Control


There Will Be No More Pest Problems

Our staff is always available to take calls and answer questions and provide detailed descriptions of each service we provide. We’ve been in business for over a decade, and our work reflects our experience.

We’re not just talking about annihilation here. Our specialists work hard to understand pests in addition to providing successful pest control. We admit it’s difficult to deduce their motivations, but we can tell you a lot about their actions, behaviors, and the best way to get rid of them. So, if you’re looking for a dependable team to handle all of your Complete Pest Control and treatment needs – and maybe even teach you some fun termite information – we’re here to help.

Magee Pest Control is still concerned with pets and children. Please contact us right away if you have any concerns about our services or would like to make an appointment for complete pest control. For your wellbeing, all of our products have been licensed by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Magee Pest Control is a full service residential and commercial pest control company in Dublin, Ireland for more than a decade. We are locally-owned company that is well established in our local communities. We are dedicated to protecting your home, your office, or any property that you may own from the pests that invade into your residential living and working area.

We provide a top-notch and timely pest control exterminator service to our clients. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to your concerns, responding quickly, and offering the best advice and treatment available.  We stay on top of the latest technology and treatment methods so that we can provide you with the most effective and state-of-the-art pest removal services available.  ​

Give us a call today to ask us any questions about our pest control services, or your particular pest management needs. We will take the time to answer your questions and devise a plan to quickly and efficiently solve your pest problem.

Complete Pest Control Services For Your Needs

Complete Pest Control

Complete Pest Control

Complete Pest Control
Complete Pest Control