We have realistic, proven commercial pest control services that are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. No one has a more incredible view of the enemy than we do. We’ll put every ounce of that knowledge to work for you in devising a pest-defeating strategy. We’re dedicated to keeping pests and termites out of your company. We’ll go to any extent to keep them out.

Pests can scare customers away, interrupt your daily operations, and result in expensive regulatory fines. Cockroaches, ants, spiders, and other rodents can be kept out of your company with Magee’s Commercial Pest Control Plan.

We aim to keep pests out of your place of operation. We’re up to the task, armed with custom solutions. No one knows the enemy as we do, with over a decade of experience. It’s not going to be a fair fight with Magee Pest Control on your side.

Commercial Pest Control


You risk losing business, disrupting your day-to-day activities, and paying expensive regulatory penalties if you don’t have a solid pest control plan in place. Magee Pest Control has the technology and solutions to get and keep pests out of your home or company.


Inspections of the facility’s interior and exterior are part of our industrial pest control program.

An in-depth review

Each visit to Magee Pest Control is an opportunity to learn something new. We begin by performing a thorough inspection of your commercial property to determine what makes your business special, sanitation issues or structural problems that attract pests, why you have ants on particular floors but not others, and anything else that may indicate how or why pests may want to enter. After that, we’ll look at your building’s type, place, environment, soil properties, and pest-friendly conditions. Nothing will be left off our website. They will be permanently terminated until we locate the sources.

Commercial Pest Control

Operation of Exclusion

Pests can reach your building through various entry points, including doors, windows, vents, plumbing, cracks or holes in walls or floors, and supplier deliveries if left unattended. To help form a shield against pests, Magee Pest Control offers extensive coverage of your facility from the ground up – and everything in between.

Every one of our staff has received thorough training in the most up-to-date procedures and therapies to ensure that the proposal is customized to your facility’s unique requirements.

To ensure that your company is less appealing to pests and has a lower environmental impact, our approaches depend heavily on preventative measures rather than reactive ones.

Pest-Resistant Physical Barriers

We begin by inspecting your house, as with all of our services, to identify any possible pest entry points, many of which may have gone unnoticed. Then we’ll put our technical tools and tried-and-true methods to work, customizing procedures for your company to help keep pests and the harm they can cause at bay.


So, whether it’s for residential or commercial pest control, Magee is still just a phone call away.