Rats and mice not only contaminate food and spread diseases, but they also gnaw through walls and electrical wiring, making them one of the most destructive pests that can penetrate your company. From perimeter areas and entry points to nesting sites and beyond, your Magee Commercial Pest Specialist can solve the problem at every level.

Mice control is needed because:

mice control


Rodents are one of the most destructive pests that can invade your business, with their uncanny ability to chew through walls and electrical wiring. Our Commercial Pest Specialists can scent a rat a mile away, so there’s no hiding from Magee Pest Control.


Magee Pest Control will continue to track and inspect all steps taken to assess your program’s efficacy because successful rodent management is an operation, not a one-time occurrence.

Rodents and their parasites can transmit diseases like the plague, typhus, rat-bite fever, and acute food poisoning. Magee Pest Control is focused on years of experience and scientific analysis to help you keep rats, mice, and the health risks they pose out of your business.

It’s easy to see why getting a strategic plan in place to keep rodents out of your building is essential when you consider that one mouse pair will produce 200 offspring in four months.


Options for Mice Control Magee has for you

Since every company is different, Magee Pest Control tailors your rodent control program to suit your particular requirements. We use a combination of countermeasures to resolve the problem at any level:

Inspection of the Premises

We’ll begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your facility to look for signs of rodent activity, entry points, and attractants.

mice control


To plug any holes or gaps that could allow rodents to reach your house, you can use door sweeps, caulking, and other items.

Sanitation We provide comprehensive sanitation guidance and advice to our customers to help them remove attractants and maintain a safe, sanitary atmosphere.

Continual Inspection and Repair

We will inspect all treatment materials and regularly monitor your property to ensure your rodent control program’s efficacy and make any required changes.

Traps and Baits

To track and help manage rodent populations, your Magee Commercial Pest Specialist can use a combination of traps and the best rodenticide baits.


Anything managed by Magee Pest Control is done by professionals who follow strict safety and hygiene guidelines. So give us a call right now to solve your mice control problem.