Pet owners should always check to see if they have fleas and be prepared to treat them in advance of moving to a new neighborhood or at their destination if they are going to travel. Although, indeed, you wouldn’t expect to encounter fleas if you or owned dogs previously, you can still find them if your prior property owners or renters bring the animals in for long periods without brushing or applying routine flea medication.

It has been discovered that several other, extraordinarily hairy species, including foxes, rodents, pigs, and rabbits, are also excellent hosts for fleas.

As crucial as fleas are in your community or institution is their function as parasites, a significant cause of humans’ infection is from the bites they bite. Your animals may develop an allergy to flea saliva. In which case, there is no other service that provides the effectiveness we have for flea control in Dublin.


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For large flea collars that manage several applications, expandable flea collars should be the best option.

Although fleas are indeed incapable of flight, they are blessed with solid, powerful legs. Another name for these bugs is pests since they can hop considerable distances and land easily on your pets and even leave itchy bites behind.

This approach calls for the treatment of your property and your animals, and success is possible only if you deal with both.

Flea control in Dublin


With Magee Pest Control, we guarantee that your problem will be solved. We have pest control for you, whether it is at your home or company.

Our technicians are experts in flea species knowledgeable about flea behaviors, which allows them to eliminate them successfully.


To put it in business terms, in other words, why go into business with Magee Pest Control?

Pest control like flea control costs can vary depending on the particular situation, which pest control service you use, so your plan must match your pest risk profile.

In simple language, we have created various service options for both homes and different business environments to allow for adequate security to be determined by the home and business needs. Depending on the situation and site’s history, a site survey often includes findings discussing the particular issues and risks.



Any time you have a flea problem or need flea control in Dublin, call us, and we’ll send someone out to get rid of them immediately.